You and Your Child’s Psychic Abilities

By Psychic Roz Reynolds, Psychic At Your Service


It is only in our minds that we are separate from the rest of the world.
Gay Luce

We are all born with our psychic abilities intact

While our culture is becoming more open to allowing that sixth sense to flourish, the reality is that most children begin to lose their telepathic and intuitive abilities once they begin traditional formal education. The five senses are the only focus in our system, and most information received intuitively is not regarded as valid. As adults, we are allowed to utilize our instincts in business, and we are allowed to say we “had a feeling” or “listened to our gut”. Many standard social and cultural concepts either have no regard for psychic abilities, or they are considered fearful and abnormal. For children who possess these gifts to a greater degree, they are forced to stifle, completely ignore or try to manage what they continue to receive intuitively and balance it with what is socially acceptable.

Validating your sixth sense

One focus of my abilities is helping children (and adults who’ve retained their abilities but subverted them, and want to develop and manage them) to validate what they sense, see and experience from their sixth sense, allowing them to manage this information as they do the other information they receive and learn to blend it into their consciousness.

We are currently in a time of the thinning of the veils separating the dimensional fields. Both children and adults are now experiencing multi-dimensional changes which are resulting in their sixth sense psychic ability making a fast forward. This can be a scary time until people realize this is physics and part of a Spiritual Awakening which will have profound impact on our psychic abilities. When psychic children and adults begin experiencing these changes, they can feel out of control. Frequently as people enter the teenage years or young adulthood, they begin using coping measures to control their intuitive input, including self medication with addictive behaviors, drugs and alcohol, and various forms of acting out. Managing the psychic input we’re receiving in the teenage years result in habits that carry into adult life.

Becoming comfortable with your sixth sense

Becoming comfortable with our sixth sense and learning to be attuned to the greater consciousness offers a focus into the future. We have this amazing sense for a reason! It works with the other five to bring things to the spiritual, emotional and logical conscious mind so you can see the complete picture. There are some simple steps you can take to begin working with your psychic sixth sense, instead of against it.

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In 1981 Roz began reading for me in Southern California, and this has continued through various phases of my life. I can positively state that she has amazing accuracy and what ever she tells me, I take it to heart. Many wonderful things have happened to me because I listened to her. I trust her explicitly, and would recommend her natural born gift to anyone.

Patricia D.
Big Bear Lake, CA