Rates, Terms and Privacy Policy

By Roz Reynolds, Psychic At Your Service


Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?
Frank Scully

Online Booking Available.


I am available:

  • In Person
  • By Telephone and
  • via Zoom Video Conferencing


Psychic Readings

30 Minutes – $110.00

40 Minutes – $135.00

60 Minutes – $200.00

80 Minutes – $265.00

Intuition Development

Private Students$200.00 / hour
Group Classes (min 4 students)$65.00 / hour each

Building and Land Analysis

On Site$400.00 / hour
Remote Site$1800.00 / day
Psychometry$200.00 / hour

For your convenience and safety, we send invoices using PayPal.

Payment will be made in advance based on hourly fees for scheduled time.
If you are unable to keep your appointment, it will be rescheduled at the next mutually available opening.

If you have been referred to me for assistance for paranormal events impacting you spiritually, emotionally and physically and I have shared my gifts to provide you with assistance. I generally do not charge my standard rate for the time I devote to this, but if you would like to make a donation it is appreciated.




All visits to my office, any readings, conversations and information is held in strictest confidentiality for all clients.

You are welcome to record your session, if you are comfortable with that. While you can take notes, I find that it is difficult for most clients to keep up with the flow of information and thus, information is retained inaccurately. Further, since I am tuned into a stream of information, I rarely have memories of the information.

There are not any additional recordings of your information made or retained by Psychic At Your Service, Roz or her assistants, co-workers or employees.

If at any time you would like your personal contact information to be removed from our files we will do so upon your request.


While reading the energies you have requested to know, I am unable to make your choices or guide your decisions. I can only provide you with what information I receive and it is your responsibility to determine how you use it. No intuitive reading from any source can provide 100% accurate information at all times. In addition, the decisions you make will determine how events evolve in your life. Further, I am not a medical intuitive, thus I cannot diagnose or provide medical information, although I may see words you can take to your medical provider to investigate. Additionally, I do not have legal training, thus I cannot provide legal guidance. In fact, you hereby acknowledge that you are the ultimate decision maker of the choices on your life’s destiny path and by scheduling a consultation you agree and acknowledge this fact.