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Roz Reynolds, Psychic At Your Service

If you think you can do a thing or
think you can’t do a thing, you are right.
Henry Ford

Psychic Readings

My readings are very “here and now”. While I might offer you some spiritual guidance and counsel, as it is sent to you for your life via my psychic ability and is not derived from any training I’ve received. While I may hear and see words, phrases or other information for you, or see spirits on the other side of the veil who have information you want or need, or know future, present and past events, I am not a psychological counselor, nor have I studied anything about “New Age” philosophies or issues. I also do not participate in or do anything with “spells”.

Your information has a relevant purpose for your life now; I am just the messenger, not the message. It’s your information to utilize as you wish and need to. Your path, while there are some things that are on it that you will have to make choices about as it opens to you, is really about managing issues of destiny and your personal choices and responsibilities. How you decide regarding the options I see upcoming in your life determines your outcome. These options are about your power of choice. Your intuitive, spiritual, emotional and psychological guidance systems are more necessary in today’s world than ever before, and readings provide one valuable source of information to help you, but ultimately your life is determined by you.

Psychic readings can be conducted in person, by telephone or on Skype. The usual process is that I “tune into” your energy frequency, like a radio antenna, and the information begins to come out. I recommend that you have specific questions in mind, and the power of your energy field will generally bring these things forth during the reading, but once the reading begins there will usually be a stream of information touching on many aspects of your life.

If specific information you wanted isn’t revealed for you, I will ask for your specific questions you have and see what comes into the frequency of your energetic field. At times information you want is not provided, and if I’m not receiving it I’ll tell you so. It’s been my experience that there is usually a reason for a lack of information to appear.


Readings offer the additional opportunity to take energy from objects and utilize it to fine tune the stream of information. Pictures, keys, glasses and watches retain tremendous energetic charges. By putting my hands, which are sensitive to energy, over an item I “scan” the energy off, and specific facts and issues come forth.

This is also effective when entering a building or area, to assist in receiving information about events and people that are currently happening, or past events, as the energy is “suspended” in that area on many levels. Since time and space are multidimensional and don’t follow a straight line, this allows me to view events that occurred in the past like I’m watching a movie inside my head or on a screen to reveal what took place. This is the science of quantum physics at work.

Psychic Energy Balancing and Touch Healing

Auric clearing, aura repair healing and energy balancing utilizing crystals, energy healing, distance healing and energetic movement through the Chakra center’s and toroidal aura energy grid. This process helps facilitate pain managment and self healing modalities in the mind, body and spirit energy systems. In addition, a clearing, healing and balancing step by step process can be emailed to clients to assist in utilizing their innate abilities on a daily basis to help them balance and work on their energy field at home.

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the ability to see things from great distances away, both in time and space. It allows me to see and sense what is or has happened to a piece of land, what is underneath that land and how the earth’s energies interact with that land (a form of dowsing), what is inside buildings currently in terms of energy, in the future and in the past, people and animals’ bodies. While most people think of remote viewing as something pretty sci-fi, to me it is the ability to allow my mind to move out of the confines of the space and time we are in and travel to another dimensional area while my body remains behind.

During readings remote viewing enables me to see locations far from mine, and describe them in some detail. Some people feel this has to do with tapping into the energy of the person you’re helping, but I know this is not the case since I can actually feel my psychic sixth sense rising up and separating to see the place, seeing into the body of the client or pet to be shown the problems that exist to work toward solving the issue or seeing from far above or inside a building. I also sometimes can see and read documents, pictures or feel the psychometric energies of things I see in distant locations. I consider remote viewing to be an important part of reading and tuning into the information field while I’m working with you.

Real Ghosts

While we as a culture have a fear of “real ghosts” and haunted buildings and lands, or disbelieve, the reality is that haunted buildings, lands and areas are real, and can consist of what I call retained spirit energies…”ghosts”. We learn that real ghosts are “scary” and want to harm us. The media has magnified this fear with movies and television. Within the last few years we have begun to see docudrama type television where “ghost busters” enter highly energetically charged areas with electronic gear that can measure temperature and emf fluctuations and “hear” the voices of the retained spirits in haunted houses, buildings and lands. I see, hear and receive information from these energies, both during personal readings and while working in buildings and on land; they approach to give information to or for someone.

To me this is part of working in the world of unseen energies. When I enter a haunted house, building, or property I am usually approached by the spirit entity and I learn why they are there. While there are at times very negative retained energies which have remained due to negative energy dimensional fields, the “ghosts” are frequently trapped in energy fields and need release to pass out of the field.

Pet and Animal Communication and Readings

Animals have feelings, emotions, a spirit within and an energetic field, just as do people. Their ability to communicate is visual, emotional and physical. When they experience emotion or pain, while we wish to assist them, we can’t always communicate on the same level. I can help them communicate with you because my ability to hear, see and know what they are experiencing, from either their pictures or in person, can help in dealing with emotional difficulties and physical problems our pets experience. Also, they are very responsive to touch and energy adjustments.

For assistance with pet communications, retained paranormal spirit or entity presences affecting you, remote viewing, psychometry or readings, please call (928) 370-7964 today and schedule a consultation.


 I was referred to Roz when I had so many major changes facing me in my life, and when I called her I was very skeptical, but my experience with her was amazing. She knew immediately what was currently going on in my life, what had been going on and what was about to happen, and she was very accurate in her future predictions, down to names and times! She also realized that I was having pain in my body which my doctor hadn’t been able to pinpoint, said what she felt it was coming from, and made suggestions to ask my care provider the cause, which turned out to be true.

I have referred her to many people, and I’d recommend talking to Roz for anyone who would like to see someone who can provide an accurate reading.

Barbara S
San Diego, CA