Have you ever suddenly felt like you weren’t alone?

Do you sometimes see a shadow or something out of the corner of your eye and know that something was there?

Did you ever hear something you can’t explain and no one else heard it?


Now you can watch paranormal television shows and see these things through the cameras and audio equipment. Having sixth sense psychic abilities is an innate gift we all possess. This is the world I have always lived in. It’s not a scary world, it isn’t full of negative, evil spirits and dark energies. It is like the world we awaken to each day, with light and dark, good and evil, happiness and sadness.

What I can do for you is quite specific to your life. There is a stream of information for you and on your frequency, I am the “radio and antenna” that can tune you into aspects and information about your life. I can help you tune into your own energy and learn to utilize your “gut instinct” intuition in your own life.

Abilities and Services

  • Readings, intuition and spiritual counseling – information and guidance as you navigate through your life.
  • Intuition Development – learn how to tap into and engage your sixth sense.
  • Remote viewing – visioning areas of the Earth related to your life.
  • Picture, document and object psychometry – “scanning” items to retrieve information.
  • Building and land analysis – is a physics process where I use my remote viewing and psychometry skills to help resolve issues surrounding historical energetic events that are affecting a property in a negative fashion and help you find resolution.
  • Clearing and re-balancing to remove draining energies and facilitate healing.
  • Distance energy work; using Quantum physics and my ability to shift energy.
  • Health information you can use with your physician. I’m not a traditional medical intuitive but I see words and phrases you can use with your medical practitioner.

Call Roz today and let her sixth sense intuitive consultation help you receive your personal information.

About Sedona Psychic Rozlyn Reynolds

Life long psychic intuitive Rozlyn Reynolds, the Psychic At Your Service, brings psychic readings into the world of reality as “a normal person who does paranormal things”©.

Bringing sixth sense abilities and paranormal services to her clients to ensure their information is clear and direct has brought her recognition and a loyal clientele of referrals. Her psychic readings are down to earth and have reality based relevance to current issues. Her calm ability to be a medium and hear and see to the other side for information from departed loved ones has provided comfort and healing to family and friends seeking resolutions and also needed information about missing items and documents subsequent to the loved ones’ death.

Long term clients from a wide range of backgrounds – individuals, businesses and families, seek her counsel. Rozlyn’s clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, precognitive, remote viewing and psychometric abilities to read energy, objects, pictures, buildings and land have been providing 45 years of client satisfaction.

I’m not about any “new age” philosophy nor crystal ball; my gifts are about the physics of informational energy in a frequency around us all that I can tune into.

“Take a moment and think about how our psychic ability works. It’s a natural gift from God we all have, like the other five senses. Mine is just stronger.” says Roz.

“Our perception of time is that it moves in a linear manner, and in our minds, energy and matter function in a finite manner. If you read physics, and allow your mind ‘out of the box’ our society puts it in and turn down the electronic ‘brain noise’ of television, the internet, cell phones and other stimuli that blocks your intuitive circuits, the abilities of the sixth sense awaken again and become active.”

Visit with Roz today for a reading in person, by telephone or Skype and get the information that’s waiting for you in another dimensional frequency.


In 1981, Roz began reading for me and this has continued through various phases of my life. I can positively state that she has amazing accuracy and whatever she tells me, I take it to heart and many wonderful things have happened to me because I listened to her. I trust her explicitly, and would recommend her natural born gift to anyone.

— Patricia E. Dixon

 Roz is a huge part of our healing process. I would call Roz a Psychic Counselor… a person who has two gifts in one!

— Krista R

If you have never scheduled to spend quality time in Roz’s company, I would urge you to so. Be prepared to find truth. Be prepared to get answers. Be very careful what your looking for or wishing for because at one precise moment in time, your answer will come as she predicted.

— Terri S