Walking the talk

walking the talkWatching as the events of the past few decades have unfolded has left many persons asking why things have turned out as they have. The reality is that too many people no longer “walk the talk”. When you analyze these words they are simple but powerful. If we live by the words we speak, keeping our word credible, speaking the truth with kindness and love, there is no question who we are inside. The who inside becomes WHAT we are, what we stand for. For many years our value system rewarded this type of conduct and perhaps it’s time to return to recognizing the value of that simple concept.

Within each of us is a scale, a balancing rod, which determines how we decide to handle situations as they arise. There is no doubt that this scale has been weighted by the change in values towards materialism, sexuality and appearances. The real question we must ask ourselves is who we are and who we want to be, not what image we have forced on us.

Choosing to live a life where you “walk the talk”, living in the clarity of the light that shines from within, knowing and liking who you are, is about living a life based on the good within. The choices you’re comfortable with because they represent the innate YOU. Our intuition is a huge part of this choice, so make intentional choices based on what you feel and sense is right and support those good choices in those around you. In the end, unless we “walk the talk” we will find it difficult to have true happiness, the ultimate life walk.

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About the author

As a lifelong psychic whose intuitive abilities were evident at a young age, from early childhood I was precognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. My clear memories of coming and going in this time dimension have remained intact, and I still practice this form of energy transformation, movement and re-balancing.

My focus beyond readings as a Sedona psychic is to expand my scope of helping others work with their past, present and future issues; addressing present issues can also restructure the future by providing enlightenment regarding upcoming choices in your life.

I am available for a personal consultation at my office in Sedona, by telephone or via Zoom video conferencing. Text Ed (928) 202-8244 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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