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one person at a timeWhen you awaken each day and the life’s demands begin to push you forward, take a few moments to reflect on what you can do to make the world a better place, one person at a time. In our modern, hectic world, it seems every second is occupied, yet every day we are offered opportunities to help others in simple ways. It’s a concept of doing good works through love and charity and the results are amazing and powerful.

My parents were simple people who were far from wealthy but understood what it was to share what you have. From the time they took in friends in need, provided food, housing, emotional support and help to people they knew who needed a little help. My father was a mechanic and handyman, my mother an amazing cook and they shared that abundance. Upon their passing I heard from people who had been struggling that they had helped decades earlier. For them, helping was a part of the package of life and there was no expectation of recognition or financial return ~ it was a choice about how you shared as you lived your life.

Thirty five years ago I was again shown this principle in action when I worked for a woman who understood this amazing power. At one point in her life when she was young she was a single mother trying to survive on a very small income. Even so, she understood the power of utilizing intuition, focus, visioning and prayer. When she achieved and manifested abundance in her life through the application of these principles, appreciating the gifts she visioned into her life, she gave thanks by doing good works and gifting people when she encountered need ~ the concept of “pay it forward”. She did it with no ego, fanfare or need for self glorification, she just quietly helped in any way she felt guided. Also, because she had been a struggling single parent and understood what it was to have little or nothing to offer her small child at the holidays, she went through a local charitable agency and each year and found one family who was struggling, got a list of the children, their ages and wish lists, and then went on a shopping spree purchasing all within her budget. Her one stipulation to the agency was that her name never be revealed to the recipients. During the year this agency called her in an emergency situation when they had someone in dire need and she would provide funds to assist. Her philosophy was the simple but profound “pay if forward” based on the gratitude for all she had visioned, prayed for and received.

There are many of us who have the means and opportunities to effect change in the lives of those in need. The concept of a miracle can be very subjective, but for a person in need, it can be as simple as a meal, a helping hand, an opportunity to be raised up from the depths of despair. Every day is our chance to help one person at a time ~ to be the miracle worker who changes a life in ways simple but profound. When the opportunity is offered to make that difference that has the potential to be someone’s miracle, be the miracle worker, one person at a time.

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As a lifelong psychic whose intuitive abilities were evident at a young age, from early childhood I was precognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. My clear memories of coming and going in this time dimension have remained intact, and I still practice this form of energy transformation, movement and re-balancing.

My focus beyond readings as a Sedona psychic is to expand my scope of helping others work with their past, present and future issues; addressing present issues can also restructure the future by providing enlightenment regarding upcoming choices in your life.

I am available for a personal consultation at my office in Sedona, by telephone or via Zoom video conferencing. Text Ed (928) 202-8244 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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