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Whatever happens to you in your life, whatever you experience and take with you has long lasting impact.  From childhood onward, we are raised in the cultural environment of our families, schools, religions, employers, laws and rules ~ and they all determine and shape how we see and deal with events, issues and occurrences on a daily basis.  All these experiences record in your Akashic Record and we can replay this “tape” when reviewing our history.

As years go by and we advance into adulthood and begin to experience the challenges of survival, many of our feelings of independence and confidence begin to ebb away if we’re not happy.  Either we have known our path, tuned into our “guidance” to find our calling and followed our instincts to take us to career choices we love, or we’ve taken jobs we felt we had to take and experienced the “daily grind” job in which we really aren’t happy.  This can truly be because we don’t like our career because we’re not passionate about the duties, or are working for or with people who are difficult and, at times, unpleasant. In short, our daily world is created by our choices, not necessarily by our calling.

Once we start to focus on our unhappiness the real challenge begins.  We begin to relive and review our record and second guess and question all the decisions we made.  The “what ifs” begin, and the “would of, should of, could of” self-doubting self-talk serves no positive purpose.  In fact, it is very destructive to creating the life we want because our focus isn’t on what we WANT to accomplish, it’s on what we DON’T want and we spend tremendous effort complaining, thinking about how unhappy we are and becoming even more unhappy.

Let’s take a different look at our patterns of behavior by looking into our Akashic Record.  If we view this record and we all make an effort to refocus on what we WANT in our lives, NOT what we don’t want, we change our priorities, our direction and our outcome!  For the lessons that are destiny issues, how we choose to deal with the results will determine our direction.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force yourself down the wrong path!  Tune into your sixth sense intuition, listen to what it’s telling you in terms of how to handle the choices presented to you. By taking back our power within and using our energy of manifestation to serve not only ourselves, but those around us, we can turn our Akashic record into a list of positive contributions, accomplishments and goals achieved.  It’s within your grasp to find happiness and joy in your life and to feel satisfaction ~ when you step into your power and determine what direction your intuition is showing you and your choice.





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About the author

As a lifelong psychic whose intuitive abilities were evident at a young age, from early childhood I was precognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. My clear memories of coming and going in this time dimension have remained intact, and I still practice this form of energy transformation, movement and re-balancing.

My focus beyond readings as a Sedona psychic is to expand my scope of helping others work with their past, present and future issues; addressing present issues can also restructure the future by providing enlightenment regarding upcoming choices in your life.

I am available for a personal consultation at my office in Sedona, by telephone or via Skype. Text me (928) 202-1537 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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